Submit Request to Prankster Oye for Prank Calls

ASLAM-O-ALAIKUM Guys! Hope you guys are doing well. Here in this article you can submit your request to Herry and Jerry Who are two brothers. They will receive your request and after that your request will be processed within 30 days.

What is Prankster Oye?

Prankster Oye is the show presented by Herry Ty Jerry who's purpose is to entertain people on Social Media platforms. The two brothers are from Lahore and They got influence on people and now people are searching about them from prank calls so here you will find out the official method to contact or submit the request in this article.

Who are Herry Ty Jerry?

Herry Ty Jerry are two brothers (The Hosts of Prankster Oye Show) who are creating an amazing content on TikTok where they prank people moreover they call people and then they did different tests like loyalty etc. They are from Lahore, Pakistan. Herry's real name is Haider and Jerry is named as Arslan. They are TikTok based stars who are on Social media platforms to Entertain People.
NOTE: All the content posted on TikTok is just for Entertainment Purpose!

Why To Submit Form To Prankster Oye for Prank Call?

Many of people are approaching Herry Ty Jerry for a prank call on Instagram for a prank call but as there are hundreds of messages and they short time to reply and respond them therefore they are now officially providing the contact form where you can easily submit your details about that person whom you wanna be pranked.

How To Submit Prankster Oye form by Herry Ty Jerry?

All you need is to enter your name and the details of other person. To fill the form it is very easy to do this as you don't have to enter personal details just the required one for a prank call which will be for entertainment purpose.


Fill up the form with the necessary information don't share anything personal please! The call will be just for entertainment purpose.

Submit Request to Prankster Oye for Prank Calls

Request Form Is Loading! Wait... Sec. Left!


Now you can approach Prankster Oye by Herry Ty Herry By Filling the form and your request will be entertained withing 30 days so you have to submit the request to Prankster Oye. This will be just an entertaining call nothing else.

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